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Euro Total Prize Money Guaranteed

Date & Venue

13-14 December 2014

ADO Arena
(Former “Helleren”)


Ralf Lepehne (Germany)
Tone Nyhagen (Norway)
Carmen (Germany)
Slavik Kryklyvyy (Ukraine)
John Wood (United Kingdom)
Raymond Myhrengen (Norway)
Tor Fløysvik (Norway)
Richard Gleave OBE (United Kingdom)
Simona Fancello (Italy)
(More Comming)

Svein Røtvold (Norway)

Free Dance Camp

All couples participating in the BDF competitions will get a free dance camp with lectures held by the adjudicators at the BDF.

Date: 14 Dec (Sun), 2014
Time: 10.00-16.00
Location: Hildemors Dansesenter
Olav Kyrres gate 28, 5015 Bergen
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Dance Competition Live Music by Telestar Orchestra


All competitions at Bergen Dance Festival are international competitions;
Norwegian couples will get an extra ranking at the end of competitions.

You can register in your age class and one class above your age level.

Under 10 Latin (S, C, J)
Under 10 Ballroom (W,T,Q)

Under 12 Latin (S, C, J)
Under 12 Ballroom (W,T,Q)

Under 14 Latin (S,C,R,J)
Under 14 Ballroom (W,T,F,Q)

Under 16 Latin (S,C,R,P,J)
Under 16 Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q)

Under 19 Latin (S,C,R,P,J)
Under 19 Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q)

Under 21 Latin (S,C,R,P,J)
Under 21 Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q)

Amateur Latin (S,C,R,P,J)
Amateur Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q)

Professional Latin (S,C,R,P,J)
Professional Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q)

Senior Latin 35+ (S,C,R,P,J)
Senior Ballroom 35+ (W,T,VW,F,Q)

Hobby Class Latin 18+ (S,C,R,J)
Hobby Class Ballroom 18+ (W,T,F,Q)

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